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SIR 2017 – Washington, March 4 – 8


Prostate Arterial Chemoembolization for prostate cancer- SIR 2017




João Pisco, Tiago Bilhim, Manuel Pinto Ribeiro, Amadeu Brigas, Lúcia Fernandes, Nuno Costa, António G. Oliveira

Purpose – To evaluate the short and mid term results of prostatic artery Chemoembolization (PACE) for patients with prostate cancer (Pca).

Materials and Methods – Between March 2015 and February 2017, 30 patients with Pca underwent PACE. Gleason score ranged between 6 and 10 and staging was T2NoMo.

For PACE, Chelidonium majus Mother-Tincture 1cc was injected and following that, Docetaxel 1cc mixed with Lipiodol 0.5 were injected in prostatic arteries. Embolization of these arteries was performed with Embospheres 150-300µm.

Results – Mean patients age was 68.4 y. Patients whose PSA did not decrease under 2 ng/mL after PACE were considered initial biochemical failure as occurred in 5 (16.7%) patients. Of the 25 patients with technical success there were 23 (92%) initial biochemical success and 2 (8%) initial biochemical failure. Between 1 and 12 months there were 5 (28%) additional patients with biochemical failure and 18 patients (72%) with biochemical success. Twelve patients were evaluated at mid-term between 12 and 18 months with 2 (16,6%) mid-term failures. From the 25 patients with technical success there were 16 (64%) with biochemical success. There was a major complication a bladder wall ischemia treated by surgery.

Conclusion – PACE for prostate cancer is a new, safe and promising outpatient procedure for Pca with good short and mid term results.


21 de fevereiro de 2018 – Dubai, Congresso da Associação Arabe de Radiologia Intervencionista, cancro da próstata.

Is there a role for catheter in  prostate cancer?


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