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R. M. – EAP 1120- Subject: Thanks.

I hereby express my thanks to Dr. João Martins Pisco and his team for all the attention paid, dedication and applied science in the treatment of my prostate that on 03/11/2016 I was submitted for Embolization with the Nº 1120 . Recovery has been normal, just as urination and sexual appetite after the first month has returned to normal. Tests indicate a marked decrease in prostate volume. The PSA at the beginning of treatment was quite high (12,210) ng / ml. After the treatment has been lowering its value on 10/01/2018 = 0.315 ng / ml which gives me a feeling of marked improvements and well being. I also have to thank all his dedication over this period by calling by phone with instructions, upon receipt of examinations that I am sending, which I acknowledge. I end with votes for your prosperity in health and well being taking care of the health of others. Please accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration.


Best regards  R.M.

 EAP 1321

I am 75 years old and was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the prostate.
I used to consult Dr. João Pisco who, after analyzing with the observation of the biopsy, advised me of an intervention that took place on December 21, 2017 with a hospital stay of a few hours, easy and without complications.
My PSA values ​​before and after the intervention are as follows:
08-11-2017 – 6.32
04-01-2018 – 3.08
05-02-2018 – 1.41
The discomfort prior to the intervention was very great since I had to get up 4 to 5 times a night to urinate what had stopped happening completely. For all this, I have only to thank, thank you very much, not only to Dr. Pisco, but also to all his team who treated.
EAP 1068
In the past 21 July 2016 I underwent a surgical intervention for treatment by embolization of a tumor in the prostate. This intervention was carried out by Professor Dr. Martins Pisco and his team, who praised for the care, attention and merit of the high professionalism they dedicated to me during and after the operation. For everything they are creditors of the highest esteem, consideration and respect.
Well there
V. M. A.

A. T. EAP 115:

Dear Professor João Martins Pisco,

date July 2018 SEVEN Years on the date you submitted me to the embolization of the prostate. I would like to inform you of my state of health after this intervention:

– I left from that date on to do any type of medication;

– I did not suffer any kind of side effects; –

I normalized the urinary output (in the previous three years I had 3 hospitalizations due to interruption);

– the last PSA (November 2017) scored 0.02 ng / mL;

– my sex life has not suffered any damage, “I forgot” that I have a prostate.

I want to thank you for the quality of life that the Professor has given me. Three other friends of mine also resorted equally to their services with equal success.

I remain indignant at the attitude of Portuguese health institutions regarding the recognition of practices.

Thank you very much

Loulé February 2, 1818

A. T.


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