Uterine fibroids - Follow up control

All the patients will receive our phone call next morning, one week, one month and three months after the procedure and all of them have our M.B. phone. It is very important for the patients to have the possibility of our contact any time they need.

The follow up control is performed by Magnetic Resonance at 6, 18 and 36 months, by questionnaires at that time and by clinical observation.

Every treated patient should have a gynaecologist consultation once a year.

Follow up control

Fig. 1 – Pelvic Magnetic Resonance
a – Before embolization. The fibroid (arrow) is white, because it has blood.
b – (6 Months), c – (12 Months) after embolization: Reduction in size and black colour due to ischemia, absence of blood, over 90% (lack of blood).
Follow up control
Fig. 2) Pelvic Magnetic Resonance
a, b) Myoma (arrows), diameters: 12.7, 12.9 and 7.37 cm white due to blood vessels, before embolization.
c, d) Six Months after embolization, black due to ischemia (lack of blood vessels, diameters 1.7, 1.9 and 0.3 cm).
Follow up control
Fig. 3) Pelvic Magnetic Resonance
a) Two myomas (arrows) – white due to blood vessels.
b)  (6 months), c (12 months) – after embolization: decreased in size and black due to ischemia (lack of blood vessels).
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