Uterine fibroids - Several steps of embolization

Fig. 1 - Mesa de angiografia onde a paciente é deitada.
Fig. 1 – Angiographic suite.

Passo 1
Fig. 2 – Patient laid down on angiographic table receives local anesthesia on right inguinal skin.

Passo 2
Fig. 3 – Small catheter 1,5 mm diameter, introduzed through right inguinal zone in femoral artery.

Passo 3
Fig. 4 – The team from left to right – Professor Pisco, an intervention radiologist, and a radiographer.

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Fig. 5 – Syringe with particles of polyvinyl alcool particles used for embolization.

Microesferas de Embozene
Fig. 6 – Embozene microspheres also used on embolization, as an alternative.

Fig. 7
A) Catheter placed in left uterine artery, before embolization, shows several vessels (arrow).
B) After embolization, the vessels are blocked, not shown, however the left uterine artery (arrow) is permeable.

Once the left uterine artery is embolized, the catheter is placed in the right uterine artery.

Cateter colocado na artéria uterina direita e respectiva angiografia
Fig. 8
A) The catheter placed in right uterine artery – many vessels in a round zone corresponding to myoma (arrow).
B) After embolization the vessels are not shown because they are bloqued, but the right utery artery (arrow) is permeable.

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