Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - New Treatment - Advantages of Embolization

Embolization of  BPH is a minimally invasive procedure, performed  under local anesthesia, without pain or only light pain, without blood loss, no need of blood transfusion, as outpatient procedure, only some hours of hospitalization, no need of bladder catheter, recover time of 2 to 3 days, minor complications, no urinary incontinence and no sexual dysfunction.
In order to avoid complications and get good results it is important a careful selection of the patients. Therefore, those patients with advanced atherosclerosis or without significant symptoms are excluded.

The embolization of BPH is an optimal procedure in carefully selection of the patients and we presume that, in some time, it will be the future treatment for BPH.

If the procedure is successful the patients don’t need bladder catheter or prostates medicines any longer. However 15% of the treated patients do not improve even if the procedure has been done correctly. At this stage we do not know why.

PAE is different from other alternative treatments to BPH due to efficacy and efficiency, faster, painless and fast recovery, non invasive.


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