Prostate Cancer- New Treatment - Prostatic Artery Chemoembolization

We started uterine fibroid embolization on June 2004. Five years later after having treated over 800 patients with excellent results and having Knowledge of the common major complications after surgery of BPH, we thought to start embolization of the prostatic arteries for benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The first patient was in acute urinary retention with bladder catheter for 3 months. In the previous years he had 3 surgeries, however he refused another one. He asked me to treat him by the same process I used to treat uterine fibroid in a friend of him.

The excellent results of PAE and the high incidence of prostate cancer gave us the inspiration for a dream of treat the diseases by a similar non invasive procedure. Therefore on April 2013 we performed the 1stchemoembolization in prostate cancer. He was our friend 55 years age who refused prostatectomy the single treatment that was offered to him. The reasonable results led us to improve some technical expects of the procedure. Nowadays we do not have any doubt about the success of chemoembolization that will be similar to the PAE in BPH.

For those patients who refuse any other treatment, prostatic artery chemoembolization is performed instead of the watchful waiting. For the purpose, under local anesthesia a catheter is placed percutaneously, under X-rays control, in the prostatic arteries. Following that, a cytostatic that is a cancer medication, is placed in the prostatic arteries. The procedure is finished by the embolization of those arteries by an embolic agent. Thus, the cytostatic medication will continue its action in the prostatic cancer.


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