Prostate Cancer- New Treatment - The Post Chemoembolization

The Post Chemoembolization

Once the chemoembolization is finished the catheter is removed out and the 1.5 mm puncture site hole in the inguinal zone is compressed for 10 minutes and a badge is placed over the area. After placement of the bandage, the patient is taken to his room. Two hours after the embolization the patient can go to the toilette.

Fig. 1 – Compression over the 1.5 mm hole for 10 minutes after the catheter was taken out.

Fig. 2 – After compression no scar is shown.

Fig. 3 – Bandage placed over the small hole until next morning.

The patient may spend the night in the hospital and they will be released next morning, if they have hypertension, however most patients may go home 4- 6 hours after the procedure. Next day the patients don’t need to be in bed and they can return to their normal life, except driving for one day. At the release from the Hospital the patients will have the mobile phone number of the team that is available 24 hours a day.

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