Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - New Treatment - Clinical Presentation



The pressure caused by the enlarged prostate against the bladder and the urethra may slow down or block the urine flow.

The main symptoms are the results of the urethra being squeezed by the enlarged prostate:

  • Frequency on passing urine more often (polaquiria) particularly at night (nocturia)
  • Week urine stream
  • Urgency to pass urine
  • Urinary hesitance – Difficulty starting a urine stream
  • Feeling that the bladder has not fully emptied after passing urine
  • Stopping and starting again several times while passing urine
  • Urine retention with need of a bladder catheter for urine drainage

Such symptoms can have a significant negative impact in quality of life, leading many men to seek treatment.
Lower urinary tract symptoms are usually due to BPH in the absence of other relevant diagnosis.

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  1. prof.Yair Schiftan says:

    Dr.Pisco,I’m interested in having the embolization of the prostate artery according to your method.What would be the procedure for me,swiss citizen in Switzerland,age 59,the price of all checks,surgery,hospital etc and the possible entry dates.Thank you in advance.Y.Schiftan 0041 79 237 70 71

  2. elizabetep says:

    Dear Prof. Yair Schiftan,

    Please contact the Prof. Martins Pisco by email adress.

  3. Aldo Viterbo says:

    Bom dia, como eu aprendi desta cirurgia de próstata novo. Por favor, deixe-me saber o procedimento que eu tenho que fazer para ser operado por ela. Tendo em conta que o abaixo-assinado tem um ‘cerca de 100 gramas de adenoma prostático. E eu também gostaria de saber o custo da cirurgia e se você pode pagar pelo SNS.

  4. Eoin Scott says:

    Dear Prof.Pisco,

    I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I have been put on Zoladex.
    Do you have any treatments for prostate cancer?

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