Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - New Treatment - Follow up Control

A need a  rectal ultrasound, fluxometry, PSA, PVR (Post void residual volume) at 1 and 6 months yearly. Please fill the IPSS and IIEF and send them at same time.
The control follow-up consultations are free of charge.
All these data must be returned to St. Louis Hospital. Upon receiving you with be informed of the results.

at 6 months

Fig. 1 – Magnetic Resonance

a, b – Before embolization prostate volume 95.5 cc
c, d – 6 months after embolization – prostate volume 36.6 cc
Reduction 61.7%

Fig. 2 – Prostate rectal ultrasound at 21-04-09
a, b
– Before embolization, length 69.1 mm, width 65.2 mm, height 51.7 mm volume 122cc.

c, d – One week after embolization(30-04-09), length 63.7 mm, width 64.6 mm, height 40.9 mm, volume 88.1 cc
32% reduction

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