Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - New Treatment - How it started

We started uterine fibroid embolization on June 2004. Three years later after having treated over 800 patients with excellent results and having Knowledge of the common major complications after surgery of BPH, we thought to start embolization of the prostatic arteries. For the purpose we spoke to some of the most prestigious urologists from Lisbon, in order to start the procedure in a patient with contraindication for surgery.

October 2008, my brother, 64 years old, without any health problem, athletic constitution, an exceptional good person and nice personality died.

His death happened after surgery for prostate by one of the most prestigious urologists in the country, from which he remained with urinary incontinent and he had a fatal myocardial infarction. This fact increased the desire of doing something for humanity and starting the innovator procedure in countless patients with BPH in order to avoid the major complication after surgery.

At Christmas dinner of St. Louis Hospital in 2008, besides me it was sit down a distinguished urologist that I did not know before. I mentioned him my innovator project to treat BPH. He found it an interesting project and accepted to integrate the team of BPH embolization.

On February 2009, Manuel Inácio an old friend of mine from my own town, 76 years old looked for me. He was in acute urinary retention with bladder catheter for 3 months. In the previous years he had 3 surgeries, however he refused another one. He asked me to treat him by the same process I used to treat uterine fibroid in a friend of him. Initially I refused to treat him because I did not want to do the first procedure in a friend of mine as I did not do it in my brother.

However, after his persistent requested I accepted to treat him. After several texts he was observed by the urologist of the team that agreed with the new treatment. He was treated on March 2009 and 5 days later the bladder catheter was removed and he could urinate easily. Six months later, his girlfriend 39 years old got pregnant. In the meantime I started to treat friends of mine without any payment. The St. Louis Hospital Administration agreed on that. The Faculty of Medical Sciences from which Scientific Conseil, I was part, refused any support. In the meantime the Etic Communittee of 2 Lisbon Hospitals and St. Louis Hospital approved the project, and I started with this fantastic and innovator treatment.


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  1. KHARI EVGENIY says:

    Dear sir/madame,
    my name is Evgeny Khari(age 75).
    I have prostatic hyperplasia.Was diagnosed by ultrasound transrectal doplerografy.
    it has unequal structure.
    Looking for your medical consultation and prospective visit of your hospital.

    Sincerely Evgeny.

  2. Bruce McEwan says:

    Hello. I have been diagnosed with enlarged prostate (>90 cc) by ultrasound scan. My urologist is suggesting surgery but first I would like to investigate alternatives. Very interested in your treatment at St Louis Hospital Lisbon. Would appreciate if you could provide details how I can get in contact with yourselves to appraise whether this could be a suitable alternative for me.

    Best regards, Bruce.

  3. elizabetep says:

    answered by email

  4. Walther Baumgartner says:

    i am interested in the method of reducing enlarged prostata. Mi PSA is 3.11 and i am 67 years old. Please send me some information and also how much days it is neccessary to stay in hospital and how much cost this treatment if i pay it privately. Thanks in advance. Regards W. Baumgartner

    Telefon 00436764060013

  5. Luis Granados says:

    Would like to make an appointment after the urologist who Gad seen me
    for 20 years at Baylor College if Medicine in Texas wants to perform a TURP.
    I want to try something new even if not approved by FDA
    My prostate is blocking the fluid flow but there is no cancer from the MRI.
    PSA 1.9 with Avodart
    Hope to hear from you
    Luis Granados, PhD

  6. Pina says:

    Send it an email with response

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