Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - New Treatment - Pre Embolization Consultation

Before the outpatient clinic consultation the patients must have the PSA, creatinine, glicemia, colesterol, prostate volume by rectal ultrasound, PVR (Post Void Residual Volume) and the 2 filled questionaires concerning symptom (IPSS – International Prostate Score Symptom) quality of life (QoL) and erectile function (IIEF – International Index Erectile Function). (IPSS ) (IIEF). You should give information concerning other diseases (AVC, infarction, diabetes) medicines taken to prostate and others. If you  are a smoker, how many cigarrettes  a day. Upon receiving these data your will be informed if you ar or not a candidate.  After receiving these documents you will be informed if you have indication to be treated.  You will be studied by the Interventional Radiology team at an outpatient clinic at S. Louis Hospital  in which the procedure, the results and risks are explained and a small brochure with all information is given to the patient in order to evaluate the possibility of embolization they need to have an Angiography by Magnetic Resonance and by C.T. to study the pelvic vessels (fig.1) . This text will be performed only after consultation if you have indication to be treated.
Then, if angiography shows possibility of performing embolization you can schedule your treatment that is performed every thursday.

In order to get good results it is important a good selection of the patients. They are many  patients whose symptoms are due to bladder problems and not prostate enlarged, and these patients should not be treated.

Fig.1a - Angiography of the pelvic vessels by Magnetic Resonance and by Computed Tomography

Fig.1a – Angiography of the pelvic vessels by Magnetic Resonance and by Computed Tomography


Fig.1b - Angiography by TAC

Fig.1b – Angiography by CT

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  1. Joe Coady says:


    I am interested in this treatment. I have been diagnosed with BPH by my local urologist. He is recommending TURP and I am considering this treatment as an alternative. I am located in Canada and this is not available locally. My PSA goes up and down (low of 3.2 and high of 12). Consequently I have had two biopsies (one in 2012 one Sept 2014), both were negative. Please let me know what I need to do to be evaluated as a patient.

    Thanks, Joe Coady

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