Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - New Treatment - Preface

The purpose this site is to give information to the patients and physicians of an innovator procedure that was started in 2009. The site has been well accepted by patients and foreign physicians. His consultation has been suggested to all physicians who want to learn and they are welcome to watch it.

Before the embolization every patient is informed of his success rate. There is an initial clinical unsuccessful of 15%, that is, without improvement of the symptoms and quality of life. However, if the prostatic arteries are very involved by severe atherosclerosis, based on Angio CT data performed before the procedure, that unsuccessful rate may go up to 30%. This occurs mainly in heavy smokers or diabetics. In such situation the patients are informed of the high unsuccessful rate.

We refused already to treat hundreds of patients who don’t have indication.

Before treating any patient, whatever will be the procedure, he will be informed always of the success rate, risks and technical aspects of the treatment in his disease. This has been always our attitude since 1980, when we introduced the Interventional Radiology in Portugal. The thousands of patient that we treated may confirm.

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    Sono affetto da IPB da alcuni anni e sono costretto a prendere medicine – OMNIC 0,4 mg – quotidianamente, senza ottenerne un effetto completamente positivo. Gradirei avere la possibilità di comunicare con l’Equipe del dr. Pisco.

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