Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia - New Treatment - PREGNANCY AFTER PAE


1 – This is at least the fourteen case of pregnancy after  embolization,  the 1st patient treated with 76-year-old pregnant girlfriend of 39 years, 6 months after embolization. Of whom has a son now aged 4 years.

2. The patient 369 (SSE) from UK 63 years of age, treated 12/20/12 told me that his wife of 32 years old is five months pregnant. This fact proves what we already knew, that the CAS does not affect fertility.

  • Hello Professor PiscoIt was nice to talk on the phone with you again, and yes it is great news about my wife now having a baby. I am 63 years old now and my wife is 32 years. I know for a fact that without your help and operation I would have never been able to make my wife pregnant, so I thank you very much for all your help.I can certainly recommend any guy who is having prostate problems to have the Prostate Artery Embolisation Operation.Many thanks

S.S.E – 369



Here our our latest Photos of us and our baby girl Alicia…

3 – Patient 339 (A.G.) 65 years old treated at 22.11.2012 has informed us that his wife of 36 yearsold is pregnant with triplets.

antonio goncalves

The 3 children of the wife of patient treated with PAE (Photo above)


 The patient 369 sent us the photo of 2nd child, together of 4st child.

foto bebes pos emb.

4 – O. S. – EAP 492

Dear Dr. Martin

I have good news.

I did a test an Abdominal Ultrasound test a few days ago and my Prostate measures is now reduced to 52.03 grams.

My previous test 2 years ago showed 71 cc, so it continues to decrease.

No problem anymore with urination and my PSA are 1.99, so all is good.

I want to thank you so very much for your good and kind service.

  1. I am a father for the first time with a boy already 2 years old.
5 – In addition to the 5 newborns mentioned, we have 6 new babies, counting 11 babies, children of 8 patients treated.


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