Uterine fibroids - Outpatient Procedure

Two to three hours after the procedure, all patients without symptoms and those with mild symptoms without nausea or vomiting start oral medication with analgesic and are discharged from the hospital 4 to 8 hours after the procedure. Just before discharge, analgesic and anti-vomiting are given intravenously. At discharge the patients are informed about medication to take that night and the following days.

The night of embolization, at home, the patients have a gastric mucosa protector, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and ansiolytic drugs by mouth. Most of the patients will sleep all night through, without any complain.

The night of embolization the patients are advised to eat and to drink the least possible.

The following morning the patients will receive our telephone call.

The following days the patients take a gastric mucosa protector before the breakfast and an anti-inflammatory twice a day for a week. If they have constipation they should have a stool softener.

At any time if they have pain they should have an analgesic per mouth and if they have nausea/vomiting they should use an anti-vomiting as suppository. The patients are advised for not staying in bed since the next morning.

The patients return to professional activity 1 – 7 days after the procedure.

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  1. Elena Crowe says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have mioma 48mmx37mm and suffer from very heavy bleeding.
    This time I bleed for 3 weeks already. I would like to know if your procedure can help to stop it. How to make appointment with you and can I use Unimed insurrance to pay for this procedure?
    Please, respond to my email or tel : 912371620
    Kind regards, Elena Crowe

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