Uterine fibroids - Preparation for the procedure

As a pre embolization medication, at home, the patients have on the previous day, at breakfast and dinner, and on the day of the procedure, at breakfast, an acid gastric mucosae protector, an anti-inflammatory, an ansiolytic and a stool softener.
The day of the procedure they should take a good breakfast and they can eat and drink whatever they want.
They are advised to arrive to the hospital 2 hours before the procedure. During this time an intravenous line is placed in the arm for saline and medications.

The patients are asked to fill a questionnaire concerning the quality of life and are advised to read the information given in a brochure. That information concerns the medication they should take the 1st night at home, when they leave the hospital and the following days and the tests they should have, in the control follow-up.
In the meantime, the interventional radiologist explains, once again, the procedure and answers to any last question the patient may have. The patient should urinate before go to the intervention room, because a bladder catheter is not placed.

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