Uterine fibroids - Testemonials

UAE 1849 – My name is Cidalia R. A. G.P., I am 31 years, of Angolan nationality, I am a patient of Professor Martins Pisco, I did embolization of uterine fibroids in October 2016.

I wanted to inform you that I am 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I would like to send the ultrasounds showing the calcined fibroids by email.

I look forward to your feedback.

With no other matter at the moment, I bid you with high esteem and consideration.


“First of all, I would like to ask as my sincere apologies for the delay in this email.
However, it is not possible to let this moment pass without registering my satisfaction and gratitude in the outcome of the embolization treatment. For more than 5 months I have noticed in fact, but in terms, decreased flow, decreased days from period 15 to 5 to 7 and decreased abdomen. And a definitive confirmation for the result of the resonance examination.
Therefore, I am more, once again, thank you and congratulate you for this great achievement.
Good to the Doctor! ” 

L.F. UAE 1898


Dear Dr. Pisco, Elisabete, and team, tank you for taking care of me, for helping me to overcome my fear and for doing my surgery. You were all so kind, so sincere. I was so scared and you all made my experience a positive one. I am so filled with emotions I write this I can’t believe I did it’. You are my heroes and I am so grateful for what you did to help me be healthier and happier. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.
J.D. UAE 839

I had no pain. Swelling or bruising following one procedure.
After these 2 weeks I was able to return to my normal routine. My periods have been a regular 28/29 days but the bleeding has decreased and I have very little pain /discomfort.
I have been able to return to more active lifestyle as my energy levels have increased I’ve done more.
A. L. UAE 876


N.C UAE 873 – Wonderful data you have here! My little boy, now 3 years old is case number 56. I am to this day in awe of Prof Pisco and forever thankful to him and his team.

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