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UAE 2075

Very good afternoon Dr. Pisco, As we agreed, I send you the photos and my testimony: ‘You came to life,’ was the phrase used by a friend, which sums up my experience following the successful intervention of embolization of an intrauterine myoma at St. Louis Hospital by Prof. Dr. Martins Pisco. In July 2017, after a few months of abundant hemorrhages, the existence of intrauterine myoma with the dimension 57mm was verified. This was the cause of the menses of about 10/12 days, and small losses of blood on almost every other day of the month. The gynecologist suggested that she take treatment with a drug that could go up to 9 months (Esmya), with the aim of reducing myoma. I did the treatment, I spent one year, the myoma did not decrease, the uterus with a size equivalent to a pregnancy of 3/4 months, the anemia did not improve due to hemorrhages, extreme tiredness, a lot of anxiety in the days before the arrival of menstruation, all this conditioned my life immensely. True hell … In July 2018, the gynecologist suggests surgery to remove myoma. In the following consultation she speaks of removing uterus, and asks her to sign a document authorizing the removal of the uterus, in case the doctors verify this need … I am 42 years old … I panic. Because of anemia, the family doctor does not recommend surgery. This anemia, which I discovered I had, because of the bad feeling I had and that led me to an appointment in General Medicine, because the gynecologist never remembered to ask me for analysis. By this time, and already with a date of surgery scheduled for 09/18/18, but with great fear of moving forward, I talk to a friend who tells me, ‘The best thing you have to do is make an appointment with Dr. Martins Pisco na Hosp . St. Louis, I went through it and they wanted to take my uterus too. ‘ This friend had been embolization 10 years ago, with positive results in the next menstruation. I did. Consultation, embolization and fibroid expulsion within 1 month and a half. Embolization on 09/20/18. Expulsion of fibroid, assisted by gynecologist, on 11/11/18. So, after 2 years, a good dozen consultations, with several doctors, with lots of money spent, with a miserable quality of life, came to an end this nightmare, thanks to Prof. Dr. Martins Pisco, to his team and to the method / intervention he developed and that he would have liked to have known much earlier. Thank you very much, you gave me back my life.



UAE 672

Dr. Martins Pisco,  In September 2009 I was submitted to a St. Louis hospital for uterine embolization due to multiple fibromiomas. The procedure went well, although I had severe pain during and after the surgery, and 10 years later I continued well and without any problem related to fibromiomas, which in the meantime calcified and the largest one (located in the cervix) until it was reabsorbed, having completely disappeared. I am very pleased with the decision I made in 2008 and thank you for your professionalism.


UAE 2028

Good morning Mr. Dr. Martins Pisco, I have 55 years living in Porto. According to the results of the magnetic resonance imaging, Dr. D. had a submucous myoma with a large intra-cavitary component with 4.5 × 5.3 × 4.7 cm, myoma that in the last year caused me anemia, unbearable pain and hemorrhage. The solution given by the gynecologist was hysterectomy, removing uterus and ovaries. The time and rest would be 6 to 8 weeks, in the third month would have to go to work with a containment brace.
I wondered if there would be another hypothesis, perhaps the myomectomy or laparoscopy, the answer was no, then I mentioned the embolization, and the answer was NO.
Contrary to the solution given, I did the embolization with Mr. Dr. on April 12th, a quick and painless process, I resumed my normal life quickly. Solving a problem that in the last year has removed quality of life, both personally, family and professional.
I regret that this procedure is not part of the alternatives that the gynecologists give us, I do not understand why.
I have expelled myoma (whole) on May 24th.

Thank you very much to Mr. Martins Pisco and all the team that accompanies you, for the professionalism and availability.


UAE 1744

Good morning, Mr. Professor,

First I want to apologize to you just to get in touch with you today.
It has been a very tiring months, emotionally with ups and downs but we finally got it!
I got pregnant last year and was the mother of a boy at age 48.
It was born on 08/11/2017, with 3,785 kg, 51cm at 41 weeks cesarean (I did not want to be born, it was very warm in my belly :))

 After I had done the embolization and the doctor sent me the result of the embolization, I started looking for a fertility clinic where we could take the next step.

But the pregnancy was great without sickness or bad dispositions. Just some anxiety that would be okay with the little one;)

I’ve been thinking about the doctor, and I’m eternally grateful. Without her she would not have been a mother.

I wish you all the best and continued good work. May the teacher and his team be able to help more ladies who wish to fulfill the dream of being a mother.

If it were not inconvenient, I would like to pay a visit to the Professor and introduce him to Pedro.
It would be possible?

With best regards and a special hug



UAE 1817

It is with great pleasure and joy that I send you this email.

I hope everything is fine with you, and that your professional activity is exceptionally successful, to continue to improve the lives of many people.

I’m fine and I come, through this medium, to inform you that I am 13 weeks pregnant and 3 days pregnant. Pregnancy is going on normally, without much associated symptomatology. I’m already at home to rest. Myoma on the right grew a little, but we were already waiting.

Thanks to you and your phenomenal work, such happiness was achieved.

We have lived one day at a time.



UAE 1849 – My name is Cidalia R. A. G.P., I am 31 years, of Angolan nationality, I am a patient of Professor Martins Pisco, I did embolization of uterine fibroids in October 2016.

I wanted to inform you that I am 13 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I would like to send the ultrasounds showing the calcined fibroids by email.

I look forward to your feedback.

With no other matter at the moment, I bid you with high esteem and consideration.


“First of all, I would like to ask as my sincere apologies for the delay in this email.
However, it is not possible to let this moment pass without registering my satisfaction and gratitude in the outcome of the embolization treatment. For more than 5 months I have noticed in fact, but in terms, decreased flow, decreased days from period 15 to 5 to 7 and decreased abdomen. And a definitive confirmation for the result of the resonance examination.
Therefore, I am more, once again, thank you and congratulate you for this great achievement.
Good to the Doctor! ” 

L.F. UAE 1898


Dear Dr. Pisco, Elisabete, and team, tank you for taking care of me, for helping me to overcome my fear and for doing my surgery. You were all so kind, so sincere. I was so scared and you all made my experience a positive one. I am so filled with emotions I write this I can’t believe I did it’. You are my heroes and I am so grateful for what you did to help me be healthier and happier. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.
J.D. UAE 839

I had no pain. Swelling or bruising following one procedure.
After these 2 weeks I was able to return to my normal routine. My periods have been a regular 28/29 days but the bleeding has decreased and I have very little pain /discomfort.
I have been able to return to more active lifestyle as my energy levels have increased I’ve done more.
A. L. UAE 876


N.C UAE 873 – Wonderful data you have here! My little boy, now 3 years old is case number 56. I am to this day in awe of Prof Pisco and forever thankful to him and his team.


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